Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aimee's Life-Changing Experience

What does 'one dollar' mean to you? I never thought it was big money. Now I know it is valuable enough to change someone's life. I will tell you how a trip to Cambodia helped me go from not caring about poor people in other countries to starting to make a contribution of some money to UNICEF.
  When I learned that my friend had been donating to World Vision, I didn't understand why she wanted to help people in foreign countries. I thought it would be better to help poor Koreans because there were many poor people in Korea. When I planned to take a trip to Cambodia, some friends who had already been there told that they saw many children beg, so they advised me to bring some candies. However, I didn't regard it seriously and I didn't keep it in mind.
  During the trip to Cambodia, I saw a new world. Many little children came to me and said 'One dollar', or sold some hand-made bracelets in one dollar. The tour guide said they could live a day with one dollar. That small money, which I had no regard for, was very important to them. When I heard that the poor children couldn't go to school because of poverty, I felt pity for them.
  On the flight to Korea, I thought of the innocent eyes of the Cambodian children again. I got a new point of view about the value of one dollar, and I realized I could help them like my friend. I found an organization which helps poor children in the world. Therefore, I have been donating some money to UNICEF since then.

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