Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lee's survey

Class4 LEE
These days, traveling seems to be very popular with people, so I wanted to know exactly what people think about traveling. To solve my curiosity, I surveyed ten people in my class. In my survey, the participants were asked if they liked traveling or if they thought they could learn more things through traveling than studying. The survey also asked the respondents which area they wanted to visit most among Europe, Africa, North America, East Asia, Middle East or other. Finally I asked them which country they would like to recommend that I visit and why they like the place.

Everyone likes traveling in my class and most of them (6 out 10) think they can learn more things through traveling than studying. From the results of the survey I found out that the most popular travel site is Europe with 8 out of 10 choosing Europe as their favorite travel site. An interesting thing was that Africa followed Europe with 2 out of ten. Finally, through this survey, I realized that many people like to travel to Turkey with 3 out of ten choosing it. They explained the reasons why they want to visit there, and here are some of them. First, the country has cultures mixed with Western and Eastern one. Second, it has many wonderful old architectures. And third, we can enjoy mediterranean mild weather there.

This response implies that most people would like to have direct and broad experiences through traveling. They believe that traveling makes their experiences wider and richer. They also like to enjoy different cultures from theirs and they like to trace back to the history by traveling. One more thing I'd like to add is Korean people especially like to travel to the European countries which have many ancient historical artifacts and good scenery.

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