Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maggie's Survey

Traveling abroad is an attractive way of opening ones mind with refreshing view points toward the world. Thats why so many travelers choose foreign countries as their destinations. To learn about peoples traveling experiences and preferences, I conducted a survey. The respondents were 10 English teachers from secondary schools. The questionnaire included the number of the countries they had traveled to, their preferences as to the trip duration, and the good point of traveling abroad.

Most of the respondents answered that they had experience of traveling abroad. Five out of ten had visited one to five countries and three had six to ten countries. One of them had traveled to more than 10 different countries. As to the optimal trip duration, six English teachers chose one week to two weeks and those who preferred two weeks to one month were two. The answers about the best aspect of traveling abroad were divided into two: 60 % selected visiting famous attractions and 40% experiencing exotic foreign culture. The most popular place where they wanted to travel was Eastern Europe and Italy was the second. Other answers included Canada, Turkey and Cambodia.

The data of the first question implies that traveling abroad is popular and common these days. In addition, the occupation of the respondents, English teacher, is an important factor that raises their interest in foreign countries and encourages them to go abroad. They show much interest especially in western countries. English teachers are usually required to cover various topics about foreign countries or cultures. In that case, they can take advantage of their personal experience like visiting famous attractions and experiencing exotic foreign cultures. But their preference for the trip duration shows that many of them tend to enjoy traveling moderately. Though they are highly interested in traveling abroad, they are reluctant to travel for too long. They might prefer visiting several nice places hopping to one after another to staying in one place for a long time.       

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