Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Letters of Recommendation

Teachers are often asked to write letters of recommendation for students applying for jobs or to college, or for co-teachers applying for other jobs or to graduate school. If you ever need to write a letter of recommendation (also called a reference letter), here are some tips to help you do that.

First, a general look at the purpose and style of a letter of recommendation.

And now some sample phrases for each section of the letter to help you get started.

Good luck!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food Tour

This video clip is about various food what we had in California in summer.
Please, watch the end of scenes with patience because my mind  is reflected on the background music title.ㅋㅋ

August 24, 2011 PUFS TTP Closing Ceremony

Anne's Writing (Letter of Recommendation)

August 16, 2011
David Leece Middle School
4321 First Street
Anytown, State 54321

To Whom It May Concern

I am an English teacher at Gunam Middle School in Busan, Korea. I have worked with Miss Ewing as a co-teacher for two years. Miss Ewing has been a nice, dedicated teacher.

She has taught English 22 hours a week to the students in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. Even though she had to prepare teaching plans and materials for all the students, her classes were always excellent and well organized. In addition to the usual classes, she has taught 3 extra English speaking classes a week. The speaking class was good and popular.

Due to her extroverted and kind personality, she has got along with all the teachers, school staff and the students. She participated in all the school events and helped the teachers and students.

Since my fellow teachers, my students, and I will always esteem her highly, I sincerely recommend Miss Ewing as the ideal teacher at David Leece Middle School.

Respectfully submitted,

Mouryeong, Nam

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hyeryun's Mystery Item

1. People like to take them in hand but don't wear them.
2. They are designed to be controlled by people but they seem to control people.
3. They come in different colors.
4. Their shapes are rectangular and sizes are smaller than your hand.
5. They have buttons on them.
6. Only when people need them, they're desperately to locate them but usually they are not taken good care of.
7. People feel more comfortable with them while sitting.
8. Sometimes family members fight for them.
9. Usually husbands or fathers tend to be greedier to claim them.

The Answer: A Remote Control

ranny's story

I have three things I want to do after the school day. Firat of all I want to lear drawing again. Drawing is very special to me. While drawing something I can forget my worries. It lets me find the beauty of nature. Next I want to read as many books as possible. Books give me many things such as pleasure, pther poeple's experiences and knowiedge about various thinga. Finally I'd like to talk with my sons about many things to build a good relationship with them. I want to know about my children's school lives. These three things make me happy.

Aimee's Life-Changing Experience

What does 'one dollar' mean to you? I never thought it was big money. Now I know it is valuable enough to change someone's life. I will tell you how a trip to Cambodia helped me go from not caring about poor people in other countries to starting to make a contribution of some money to UNICEF.
  When I learned that my friend had been donating to World Vision, I didn't understand why she wanted to help people in foreign countries. I thought it would be better to help poor Koreans because there were many poor people in Korea. When I planned to take a trip to Cambodia, some friends who had already been there told that they saw many children beg, so they advised me to bring some candies. However, I didn't regard it seriously and I didn't keep it in mind.
  During the trip to Cambodia, I saw a new world. Many little children came to me and said 'One dollar', or sold some hand-made bracelets in one dollar. The tour guide said they could live a day with one dollar. That small money, which I had no regard for, was very important to them. When I heard that the poor children couldn't go to school because of poverty, I felt pity for them.
  On the flight to Korea, I thought of the innocent eyes of the Cambodian children again. I got a new point of view about the value of one dollar, and I realized I could help them like my friend. I found an organization which helps poor children in the world. Therefore, I have been donating some money to UNICEF since then.

Anne, My Mystery Item

What is it?

It is made by others.

It is usually used by others.

It is my whole-life partner.

Without it, I can't exist officially.

If I don't like it, it can be changed by me.

When others use it, they know who I am.

Sometimes it represents me.

In Korean saying, "Tigers leave their leathers when they die, People leave their it when they die.'