Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jennifer's survey

As an English teacher, I had much interest in using songs in the English class because I always thought that rhythms of music could activate our brains and good lyrics of songs could be very instructive, too. So I made a survey about the relation between the music and the English-teaching. There were three questions among the survey. First I was curious about teachers’ preferences for using songs. Second I wanted to know what kinds of music they liked to use during the English class. And the last question asked if teachers think learning songs would help students improve their English ability.
The survey showed that 9 out of 10 participants said that they liked to use songs in the English class. And according to the survey, the most favorite style of music could not be named as responses were evenly divided across Rock music, Jazz music, R&B and Ballad music. And the last statistics showed majority of respondents, 80%, strongly agreed with the idea that learning songs can affect students’ English acquisition ability.
The first question indicates that almost all English teachers had a particular liking for using songs as their teaching aids. Besides, teachers’ preference for a variety of music styles implies that it’s up to them to decide what style of songs they usually use in the English class. And it can also imply that there is a variety of songs used in the class. From the last result of this survey, I got a strong impression that students can learn English better with a wide range of good music. In conclusion music is, regardless of its styles, a very good material for enhancing students’ brain activity and improving language learning.

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