Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Edward Kim

The best place to know Korea
Busan has so many fascinating places to visit. One of the most exotic places I recommend for a sightseeing is Seomyeon Eating Alley. It is said that food is a mixture that reflects culture, history and people. When you come near the area, you’ll feel that you’ve already assimilated into this community. The smells of a variety of indigenous dishes attract you to the wondrous world regardless of your intention. Although the images of some traditional foods are a bit strange, the palatable foods will satisfy your desire to experience the Korean cultural legacy. You probably come across local residents who show what the lifestyle of ordinary Koreans is and share opinions with you about current Korean issues. Some restaurants offer you foods that will remind you of the tenacious Koreans who endured the distressing life in the past, others give you luxurious, cozy atmosphere in which you can enjoy delicious fusion Korean food. Seomyeon Eating Alley is the place where the old and contemporary Korea coexist. The convenient way to go there is to take Subway number 1 to Seomyeon

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