Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kate's writing

I was interested in the opinions of Busan English teachers about travel. Participants were asked if they like to travel, if they prefer to travel when they are young adults instead of saving money for the future and how long they want to travel. They were also asked the reason why they travel.

A majority of respondents said they really like to travel. However, about the preferred travel period, one group (6 out of 10) like to travel for a couple of weeks as an annual vacation. On the other hand, the other group (4 out of 10) prefer to travel for more than a year. They gave a variety of answers about the best time of life to travel. Two participants strongly disagreed with the idea of traveling when they are young, whereas 6 agreed and 2 strongly agreed with traveling instead of making money. They gave several reasons why they like to travel. Several respondents said they love to travel because they can expand their cultural horizons and enjoy scenic sights and historical sites. However, a majority of respondents said they like to travel because they can relieve stress and give themselves a pat on the back, and in the end, they can get energy to cope with their stressful life.

Most Busan English teachers surveyed preferred to travel when they are young. This result implies that when they get old, they may not want to feel that they wasted their younger years doing nothing but work. One of the main reasons that young adults may refrain form traveling is a lack of funds. Therefore, travel agencies are likely to develop new travel packages for the young adults who have a lack of funds.

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