Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sally's survey

I was interested in Busan English teachers’ traveling style and preferences. Participants were asked about their preferences for the season which they like to go traveling, and people whom they want to go with. The survey also asked whether they prefer guided tours to individual tours or not for a long trip abroad. The last question was about the best place or country they traveled abroad until now.

Seven out of ten respondents chose spring as their favorite season for traveling. 40% of respondents said they like to go on a trip with their husband or boyfriend. Responses were equally divided between their friends and their parents or siblings as traveling companions. Half of the participants prefer going on an individual tour to joining a guided tour in a group. However, four out of ten said they are not sure which way is better. Several respondents chose Europe for their favorite place. On the other hand, a majority of respondents identified South Asia as their favorite place.

Teachers’ preference for spring may be because the weather in spring is not so hot and not that cold, so it’s good to travel. Also, we can see beautiful flowers and scenery in spring. Teachers’ enjoyment of being with their husband or boyfriend may be because they want to spend time and go sightseeing with their favorite people. Their preference for individual trips may be because they want to travel based on their tastes and needs. When we travel in a group, we don’t feel free to go somewhere or stay longer in one place. The data implies that this group of people like to relax in a good resort which has a luxurious facility.

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