Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stella's Survey in class 6

I was curious about the preference about travelling. I prepared three basic shallow questions of place, companion, and form, and one deep question. First of all, participants were asked about the favorite continent to take a trip. Next, they were asked if they’d like to travel alone or with others. Third, there was a question about if they make their own itinerary rather than a guided travel by a travel agency, when they make a travel plan. Last but not least, as the deep question, they were asked what the main concern was when they decided those three things related to their travel.

The responses to this survey showed noticeable preference about travelling. To the first question, 80% of participants chose Europe as their favorite place to take a trip. To the second question, 70% of respondents identified their preference of travelling with others - like with friends or with family members. But about planning their own itinerary, responses were evenly divided between ‘agree’, ‘unsure’ and ‘disagree’. Lastly, to the deep question, most of those participants said that the most influential factors on the decision of travelling were cultural spots like famous historical sites and museums, and conveniences of easy transportation and accommodation.

A majority of participants prefer to travel Europe with others - friends or family. This may be because respondents have much interest in Western culture, which looks exotic and isn't easy to get to know compared with Eastern culture, and Koreans are likely to do activities with a group. Moreover, there are well equipped transportation and accommodation in Europe. Thus, Europe can be the best place to meet respondents' two main concerns ; culture and convenience.

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