Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Abbie's writing

   There are many ways to travel, and people prefer certain types of travel to others. I wanted to know how people enjoy traveling and what kind of travel they like. So, this questionnaire focuses on 'how' to travel.

   This questionnaire consists of 4 questions, including three closed questions and one open question, and 10 trainees answered them. Question 1 is about the companion in travel. I asked them if they prefer traveling alone to traveling with other people. 6 people out of 10 disliked traveling alone. There was no one who strongly prefers traveling alone. Question 2 is about the preparation before the trip. I asked them whether they plan every detail in their trip, such as destination, food, transportation, etc. 6 people said they're not sure. 2 people agreed that they prepare a lot, but no one said that they plan for their trip in every little detail or they don't prepare at all. Question 3 is about the preferences on the type of travel. Participants were asked what type of travel they like the most. There were 6 options: guided tour, backpacking, cruise, camping car, adventure, other. A majority of participants said they like backpacking the most. Question 4 is about the reason why they chose a certain type of travel in Q3. The reasons they liked the backpacking the most were that it's free and exciting, it's convenient because they can go wherever they want, and they like to discover things by themselves. 

   Most of the respondents preferred traveling with other people to traveling alone. This may be because people in Korea culturally tend to feel safer when they are in a group than they are alone. For the question about planning the trip, the respondents' answers were mostly in the middle of the Likert scale. This represents that most respondents prepare for their trip but do not arrange every detail, and this may be due to the personality of the people. As for the most favorite type of travel, the majority liked backpacking the most. They chose this because they valued freedom and flexibility. 

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